Tampa, FL (May 25, 2024): Prana Boats, the revolutionary electric boat builder, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand-new product line, Prana Canal. Designed specifically for idyllic exploration of inland waterways, Prana Canal offers a unique combination of luxurious living space, cutting-edge sustainability features, and unparalleled eco-friendliness.

“We’re excited to expand our electric boat offerings with Prana Canal,” said Sam Do, Co-founder of Prana Boats. “This line caters to a growing segment of individuals seeking alternative living solutions while embracing a sustainable lifestyle.”

Prana Canal: Where Luxury Meets Sustainability

The Prana Canal line boasts a flagship model, the Prana Canal 39. This impressive narrowboat features:

Limitless Production Meets Global Demand
Prana Boats, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, leverages its Vietnamese shipyard’s immense production capabilities. This strategic location allows Prana to efficiently build the Prana Canal line at a high rate, ensuring wider availability and shorter wait times for customers.

A Desirable Lifestyle on the Water
Prana Canal offers more than just a boat; it’s a gateway to a unique and desirable lifestyle. Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of water against your vessel, exploring hidden coves and charming towns along scenic waterways, all while minimizing your environmental footprint.

About Prana Boats
Prana Boats is a leading innovator in the electric boat industry. Founded by Sam Do, a veteran in boatbuilding and software engineering, and John McGettigan, a pioneer in electric boat design and integration, Prana is dedicated to creating luxurious and sustainable boating experiences. Prana’s commitment to clean energy and responsible practices paves the way for a brighter future on the water.

Join the Prana Movement
Visit our website at www.pranaboats.com to learn more about the Prana Canal line and discover how you can embark on your sustainable boating adventure.

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