At Prana Boats, we believe in:

Respecting and leveraging Vietnamese heritage: Highlighting the skilled workforce and tradition of boat building, which ensures quality and connects to a unique story.

Global aspirations: Setting sights on a broader customer base, we using electric as a key sustainable engine to meet the high quality of living in the future while maintaining an origin story tied to Vietnam.


Prana Classic 26

The Classic is a versatile boat that can be used for a variety of activities. She is perfect for cruising on lakes and rivers, and she can also be used for fishing, waterskiing, and tubing. She is a comfortable and stylish boat that is sure to turn heads wherever she goes.

Prana Classic 38

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Prana Classic 42

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Prana Classic 50

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Frequently Asked Questions

X Shore boats are almost completely silent, easy to maintain and with zero exhaust emissions. They are also extremely user friendly and basically impossible to steal (since there is no outboard motor to take off). On top of that, the operating costs are significantly lower for electrical boats. And just like electrical cars, the strong acceleration gives you great driving pleasure.

Our boats are built with open design and easy-care materials, which combined with the electric engine means that maintenance elements are limited compared to traditional diesel/ petrol motorboats. A simple maintenance guide can be found in the boat manual, including guidance on cleaning and straight-forward maintenance check-ups to keep the boat at its best.

An electric boat produces zero exhaust emissions, so it causes zero pollution in the air and water when out at sea. Which is great for the environment, and it also lets you breathe in the fresh ocean air instead of fumes.
The emissions caused by the production of the electricity used to charge your boat will vary depending on what type of electricity it is. Renewable electricity sources, such as solar, wind and hydropower, produce minimal carbon emissions. If charged with the EU electricity mix, Eelex 8000 saves approximately 2 metric tons of CO2 emissions during a typical season of 50 hours on the water, compared to a high-performance ICE boat. Which is equivalent to approximately 80 trees planted.


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