CTO & Co-Founder

Marcus has not been only our wonderful CTO & Co-Founder at Prana Boats, he also has been managing the Solar Energy and Battery Energy Storage System for 5+ years.

He also has a deep understanding and management of the AI and Internet of Things system, and also owns one of the largest charging station infrastructure in Vietnam…

Marcus Nguyen: Driving Solar Z Towards a Brighter Future

At Solar Z, success is fueled by vision, innovation, and the unwavering dedication of its leadership team. Marcus Nguyen, the company’s General Director, embodies these qualities in every decision he makes. As the architect of Solar Z’s ambitious vision for 2025-2030, Thuoang’s expertise in electrical engineering forms the bedrock of a strategic roadmap driving the company’s growth and impact.

His leadership acumen extends beyond mere technical prowess. Marcus masterfully orchestrates the symphony of Solar Z’s diverse departments, ensuring seamless collaboration and alignment with the company’s overarching goals. From meticulous management of business plans and ensuring annual profitability to spearheading the growth of both the company and its personnel, Thuoang’s strategic mind leaves no stone unturned.

Marcus’ vision isn’t confined to traditional electrical engineering domains. He champions Solar Z’s foray into the burgeoning world of renewable energy, spearheading the development and sales of Solar Energy and EMS solutions. His forward-thinking approach extends to propelling the company into the future of EVC infrastructure and the increasingly interconnected world of IoT systems.

Marcus’ understanding of the intricacies of modern buildings isn’t lost on him either. Under his guidance, SolaZ Z thrives in the ELV market, offering comprehensive solutions for PA, FA, CCTV, and video door phone systems. He further strengthens the company’s foothold in the ever-evolving smart home sector by driving the sales of cutting-edge BMS technology.

In essence, Marcus Nguyen isn’t just a General Director; he’s the visionary engineer guiding Solar Z towards a brighter future. His blend of technical expertise, strategic acumen, and market-driven leadership positions the company not only for success but also for shaping the landscape of the electrical engineering and home automation industries in the years to come.

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